The Galaxy of Sounds

This was no ordinary graduation concert - this was a one-in-a-lifetime event, as attested by the conservatory professors, who left the venue with happy tears in their eyes.

Photo: Magdalena Nieżurawska

As you may or may not know, our conductor, Leo Galaksy, is a student (soon to be graduate) of the Cracow Conservatory in the class of choir conducting taught by dr hab. Maciej Tworek. Leo invited two choirs to participate in his graduation concert: Insieme, a mixed choir founded in 2015 and conducted by dr hab. Monika Bachowska, and, to our great joy - Krakofonia.

On the 6th of March, the stately “Florianka” music hall was filled with music. The first part of the concert was sung by Insieme, who performed solemn and moving pieces by Marek Raczyński, Marcin Łukaszewski, Józef Świder, Paul Mealor, Ola Gjeilo and Karl Jenkins.

Photo: Aleksandra Adler

After a short break, Krakofonia took the stage to change the mood somewhat: we performed selected pieces from our Polish-language repertoire, including Maanam, Rebeka, Kayah and Bregović, Marek Grechuta, Artur Andrus and our conductor’s own new arrangement of the folk tune Dwa serduszka for tenors, baritones and basses.

Photo: Magdalena Nieżurawska

As a closing performance, the two choirs joined forces to sing Krąg Życia (the Polish version of Circle of Life from Disney’s The Lion King). Our efforts earned us a standing ovation that was reputedly started by none other than the teaching staff of the Cracow Conservatory. Leo undoubtedly deserved this high praise with a titanic amount of work, immaculate precision of conducting, perfect expression and sheer enthusiasm. His hard work was rewarded with the highest possible note, A+.

The situation in Europe was far from festive, however, which is why we postponed the celebration of this success to a later date. In the concert, we wore yellow-and-blue ribbons to show our solidarity with Ukraine and invited members of the Ukrainian Club in Cracow, the Fundacja Zustricz, to hold a fundraiser.

The concert was hosted by Olga Demeter. Olga Piotrowska-Cender accompanied us on the piano, Martyna Bachowska on the cello and Andrii „Vedomyr” Volynko - on percussions. We thank them and our fantastic audiences for that brilliant experience!