Krakofonia is Cracow’s first and so far, only choir of LGBTQ+ people who love to sing together, grow as singers and share their energy with their audiences. It’s also a safe space where everyone is free to be who they are, make friends and be an active member of the rainbow community.

We are an amateur choir founded in 2014. We sing a diverse repertoire in multiple languages, ranging from queer classics to new arrangements of contemporary music. Our live performances are usually held in Cracow but we have also participated in national and international choir festivals. We are a member of Federacja Znaki Równości (Signs of Equality Federation) and the LEGATO Choirs association.

Krakofonia is a registered ordinary association, which makes achieving our goals much easier.

Our conductor, who is also the co-founder of the choir and its artistic director, is Lew Galaksy, who holds an MA in artistic education from the Cracow Conservatory. Lew guides our choir with a lot of passion, energy and patience, taking every effort not only to help us grow as singers and prepare us for performances but also to ensure a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in our rehearsals.
    All our performances are free of charge. We sing for the benefit of the rainbow community and anyone who wants to hear us sing or join the choir. Krakofonia provides an opportunity for an emotional experience, stirs up people’s passion for singing and helps them with their vocal development while showcasing to the general public that the LGBTQ+ people are just people. Through our music, we want to boost people’s confidence and encourage them to be our allies.

    Even so, our day-to-day work comes with regular expenses: renting rehearsal spaces, purchasing sheet music, paying for concert venues and accompanying musicians, voice emission workshops, printing posters and paying our membership fees in LEGATO.

    Help us stay afloat and carry on being fabulous!
    IBAN: PL33 1140 2004 0000 3102 7878 4510
    Krakofonia, ul. Sołtysowska 37F/70,
    31-589 Kraków, Poland
    Transfer name: Darowizna na cele statutowe (“Donation for statutory objectives”)
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    Want to join, invite us to perform or collaborate? Have questions? Contact us here:
    Want to join, invite us to perform or collaborate? Have questions? Contact us here: