Choir Night in Ruda Śląska

Singing is best enjoyed in good company: on the 27th of May, 2023, Krakofonia was one of nineteen choirs to participate in the 4th Choir Night in Ruda Śląska, Poland.
In the span of that one evening, we got to sing three (!) concerts, which was quite the challenge and a test of our stamina and concentration. The venues were pretty unusual but charming nonetheless: a courtyard near the city’s main market square (called ajnfart in the Silesian language), a park next to the Silesian Impresario Theatre, and the garden of a municipal kindergarten.
We had a warm welcome, and the hospitality of our hosting organisation and the representatives of the city authorities made it clear that smaller cities and towns can be LGBTQ-friendly.

Our performances in Ruda Śląska have been part of our project called ‘powiat-level concerts,’ which boils down to us visiting smaller towns and cities to promote choir singing and queer culture outside of Kraków.
You can see a recording of one of our Choir Night concerts as well as a review of the whole event at

Photographs: PBG