It's so hard to believe that it’s already behind us! The preparations took over half a year, and the whole evening passed in the blink of an eye.

On November 23rd, 2019, Krakofonia's 5th anniversary concert – QUEEROVISION – took place. The preparations, rehearsals workshops and overall hard work on all sides for this event started in March 2019. Back then, that Saturday evening seemed so distant, even though we knew the date for a long time and we watched the faces of our friends with amusement when we told them to book a Saturday evening six months ahead.
Now that the concert is behind us, we were able to breathe, make interviews, ask for advice about future concerts, plan the next few months and hold a big organisational meeting. We can finally sit down and present the backstage, which you did not have access to (consider this a little pre-Christmas gift from us).

On the day of the concert, everything was clear. Everyone knew their roles and tasks. The technical and organizational works at the Klub Garnizonowy were on since the morning (and even since the evening of the previous day!). In the corridor, we set up tables with our home-made delicacies (thanks to your feedback, we know that you received them warmly) and Krakofonia gadgets. Next to the food, there were our collection cans where you could throw any amount you wanted to support us with – we believe that anyone should be able to see us perform, no matter how much money they have in the wallet.
After preparing the hall, we started the rehearsal. It was very intense, as were our expectations - we wanted everything to go well. After an hour's break to fill our bellies, we gathered again at the Klub Garnizonowy to change into performance attire, put on make up and glitter, style our hair into mohawks and grow mustaches.

At 6 PM the concert began. The first performances were given by our guests – the Revolutionary Choir and the choir from Estonia - Vikerlased.
They did a great job on stage, preparing the audience for the upcoming Queerovision. The whole Krakofonia eavesdropped carefully at the door. Finally, our turn to perform came. As we entered the stage, our conductor, as is her custom, gave everyone a high five, alleviating our pre-concert jitters to some extent. After leaving the stage with our former choristers, the Eurovision opening tune (as the theme of our concert was Queerovision) was played. Then, once we heard the first tunes of Bohemian Rhapsody we could all feel the excitement and focus replace stage fright and stress. We had a fantastic time, from Bohemian Rhapsody all the way to Born this way, which we sang together with the Vikerlased choir and the Revolutionary Choir. The encore could not miss the Romani song Rumelaj, which has been a staple in our almost every concert these five years – it was only fitting to sing it in the anniversary one. For the second encore, after consulting the audience, we decided to sing Bohemian again, which was probably the most difficult song to work on for us, but when we finally “got” it, it became our favorite.
After the concert, we were extremely moved and excited by the number of hugs, smiles, and applause you gave us. Many of us called this event the most beautiful moment of their lives. Without you, there would be no Queerovision! We are extremely grateful that we have such a wonderful, good and loving audience. You are awesome!