The Two Choir Concert

The Two Choir Concert last Sunday,16th Feb 2020, we had the opportunity to share the stage with Grosse Pointe South Choir, who came to Cracow all the way from Michigan in the US and wowed us with the precision of their performance and the clarity of their vocals. Despite their age (15 to 18), the American singers were every inch young professionals, spotlessly performing a carefully selected repertoire. On Monday, some of us also saw their second performance in the Teatr Variete, this time consisting of musical numbers.
In their glittering red outfits, the Grosse Pointe choristers looked like they came straight from a Broadway stage. They also showed off their skills in simultaneous singing and dancing, which will surely be an inspiration to us when preparing for performances in the future. We were honoured to sing alongside such richly talented people and hope that this exchange of experiences will help us get better at what we do, which you will hopefully see in our performances to come.

Take care,
Your Krakofonia