In mid-December, we had the opportunity to participate in the “Resolution“ project. We had to decide very quickly if we want to participate. After a short consultation, we already had the result – we are in. Mainly because the theme "Resolution" appealed to us very much, because the topic of climate change and care for the environment is very close to us. The project concerned New Year's resolutions related to climate protection and climate change.
Based on recordings from countries around the world, a viral video was to be created as a resolution for the coming year. Participating in the project required us to record our version of the Resolution song, which was sent to us by its creators. In addition to developing the song for the choir, we undertook to give interviews. We answered, among others, to questions about the impact of climate change on us, but also about our decisions - what actions do we want to take to stop or slow down the process of climate disaster. It was also a great opportunity to represent our country - we were able to translate the chorus into the polish language, and the panorama of Krakow was visible in the background of our video. We hope that you will join us with this New Year's decision to take care of the planet so that we will live on it a little better.

Yours Krakofonia!